Labels are for goods, not for people.

Countering intolerance and stigmas through youth work” is the project that aims to tackle problems of intolerance, prejudices and stigmas through capacity-building activities that empower youth trainers/educators, youth activists, and the broader community with the knowledge and tools to counter hate speech and intolerance.

Mission and Aims

Our Mission

At Local Peace, our mission is to empower individuals to become active agents in promoting peace and combating intolerance. Through local and international educational activities focused on peace, human rights education, and capacity-building, we equip our community with the tools to challenge hate speech and prejudice. Our project, 'Labels are for goods, not for people,' is a key initiative under Local Peace, aiming to dismantle stereotypes and foster inclusivity within our society. With the invaluable support of UNMIK, this project becomes possible, enabling us to make strides toward a more harmonious world.

Who Are We?

Local Peace is a grassroots non-governmental organization that has been actively working towards building peace and promoting reconciliation in Leposavić / Leposaviq since 2019. The organization firmly believes in the power of empathy, relationship building, and compassion as crucial components in the process of rebuilding and creating a peaceful society.

Our Aims

Cultivating understanding and breaking down barriers, our project, 'Labels are for goods, not for people,' seeks to empower individuals to challenge intolerance and prejudice. Through education and community engagement, we aim to promote empathy and acceptance, fostering a society where every person is valued for who they are, not the labels they bear

We trained 50+ young people in 3+ sessions.



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